Ditch Outdated

Training Methods

We SIMPLIFY the design process and INCREASE
your ROI with engaging, educational content
your staff will retain, saving you time and money.

What The Industry Is Saying

Emerge Is the Choice of the Nation's Olympic Sports


"Emerge has been a joy to work with in developing our curriculum and online courses. Incredibly knowledgeable, proficient, and organized, they helped to simplify a very complex process."

- Craig Jones, Senior Director, USTA-U

USA Weightlifting

"Emerge has deep knowledge of instructional design, adult learning, and how people learn. They have delivered courses above and beyond our expectations!"

- Anna Swisher, USA Weightlifting

Steel Sports

“ We struggled with our project until hiring Emerge. They immediately saw what we needed and guided us through a disciplined, structured process.  We have been lucky to be working with Emerge.”

- Mark Cole, President, Steel Sports

Zaro Transportation

"Emerge led us through a structured discovery process that established the needs and goals for the entire organization. We're seeing far more engagement in our development efforts because of this."

- Oscar Marroquín, Zaro Transportation

Modern Course Structure

Raising Engagement and Retention

Increase Retention

"There is a direct relationship between learner engagement and the amount of learning retention in online courses." 

Have you ever caught yourself reading and wondered what you just read? It is very common to forget what you have learned when the learning is static. Studies from the Harvard Institute have shown that retention levels have a direct relationship with retention. As activity increases, learning and retention increase.

At Emerge, we create engagement so that your learner's will retain knowledge, build skills, and create positive outcomes.

Automate Your Training

Saving You Time and Resources

Make Training Easy

The average training coordinator spends much MORE time in training than they do producing the content. 

Do you find yourself scheduling multiple workshops trying to "Make it Work" for your staff? You spend a lot of time putting a program together, only to spend countless hours making sure everyone is trained.

Emerge does all of the heavy lifting so you can spend less time training and more time creating.


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Train a Global Staff of Employees

and Cut Your Expenses in Half

Train Globally

Apart from payroll, travel is one of the largest line items for corporations.  

In today's global economy, without an online training program, you have to travel.  Travel costs money and YOU time.  With little quality control from one stop to the next.

At Emerge, we create consistent courses that allow your organization to train anyone, anywhere.

Course Development Pathway

Build a Solid Process From Start to Finish

Take Out The Guesswork

A large percentage of companies who purchase "one-off" courses and training have higher turnover than those that develop their own.

It may be easier to pick a few courses that relate to your organizations standards, but then you end up having to find the "Next best thing" every year. Why not build a system that supports your philosophy and aligns with your brand?

Emerge works with you to develop a training experience that lines up with your organization's philosophy.


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